Calendar of Courses

Certified Minister License to Preach Ordained
2018 September A/G History Eschatology Corinthians
2018 October Life of Christ Homiletics Apologetics
2018 November Intro to Pent Doctrine Intro to Theo Church & Law
2018 December  X X X
2019 January Ministerial Ethics Romans Prayer & Worship
2019 February Acts Missions Pastoral Ministry
2019 March Hermeneutics Old Testament Pentateuch
2019 April Prison Epistles Leadership Skills Preaching – Cultural Context
2019 May Evangelism New Testament The Poetic Books
2019 June Spirit Empowered Church Conflict Resolution Pastoral Counseling

Bethlehem Central Assembly of God meets the 1st Saturday of each month

Monroeville Assembly of God meets the 2nd Saturday of each month

Camp Hill Christian Life Assembly meets the 3rd Saturday of each month