class schedule changes

Your Site Coordinator will notify you of any class schedule changes. Please provide your Site Coordinator with your current cellphone number and email address.


In the unfortunate event of inclement weather during a Saturday PDSOM class session, the following actions may be taken:


  • The Bethlehem and Irwin campuses have the option of canceling their weekend and recommending to three alternative campuses:
    • Bethlehem students may travel the following weekends to the Irwin, Philadelphia or Camp Hill campuses.
    • Irwin students may travel to the Camp Hill campus.
    • Camp Hill campus may arrange for its classes to be rescheduled.
    • (Pleast Note: Consideration must first be given to the availability of the Church.)
  • Consideration and consultation must happen with the faculty committed to that class for the third Saturday to teach the following Saturday.
  • Adequate notice must be provided to ALL students. This notification will help students who may not appear on the roster for the class but may be making up a class within the 13-month rule.


  • Postpone class at the given campus for one week having consulted with the pastor of the church and the faculty for that day, depending on location. Then rescheduling the class for one week later.